i sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker /

I can’t believe people actually believe that girl 😂😂 i feel sorry for u


Listen, if you’re celebrating the fact that zayn may have cheated and is a giant fuck boy imma need you to unfollow me cuz I don’t need you here

Did zayn cheat on perrie?? How yall know?


Idk how yall can’t get that zayn cheating and being shit to perrie and then always blaming perrie and then going on to make fun of her appearance and everything else is not some fucked up internalized misogynistic ass shit… But okay continue it’s not about perrie it’s about how fickle yall are



Do u know any place where i can buy hair extensions like kylie’s???


Mixers! According with Metacritic (one of the biggest music critics websites), the album “Salute” by Little Mix is one of the most acclaimed albuns, by teenagers, Salute got 3rd place, only losing for “Yours Truly” (Ariana Grande) and “Red” (Taylor Swift). Little Mix achieved better rankings that some big names of music, such as: Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. (Credit: LittleMixBR)

"We like the idea of standing with men, as it’s the idea we can do what they can do."

—Little Mix on why all their dancers are usually male (via littlemixerquotes)


The struggle is real.


My queens