i sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker /

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P E R R I E  E D W A R D S // R A I N B O W  E D I T I O N

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If you like at least one girl band, you can do this;

  1. Favourite debut single
  2. Top 3 girl band songs
  3. Favourite album by a girl band
  4. Name your top 3 non-single girl band songs
  5. Favourite girl band song released in 2014
  6. Favourite girl group ballad
  7. If you were a girl band song, what song would you be and why?
  8. Favourite girl band active in the 90s
  9. Favourite girl band active in the 00s
  10. Favourite girl group active in the 10s
  11. Name the girl band that you want to meet the most and why
  12. What was the first girl band that you liked?
  13. Favourite girl band member of all time
  14. Ultimate girl band OTP
  15. Best coordinated outfits
  16. Name your favourite music video by a girl band
  17. Favourite interview or backstage video
  18. What was the saddest girl group break up for you and why:
  19. Best comeback moment
  20. Favourite girl band from a non-english speaking country and your favourite song by them? (you can obviously refer to them in the other questions as well)
  21. Top 3 favourite girl band group pictures